Content Marketing

The essential part of your social media activity or content marketing is your content strategy. Without this document, you don’t have a roadmap and you don’t know where all of your activities will be heading.

A content strategy will help you to plan your content creation activities. In this order, we will conduct research, analyze your competitors and industry, identify your target market, determine your goals, consider related keywords, and define related KPIS to assess whether you are in a right direction.

We consider sales funnel as well as customer journey in our content creation and develop related content for each step of these paths in order to respond to your audience’s needs, wants, interests, and pain points.

Precisely assessing your online user behavior will help us to define exactly on which channels your users are mostly active and we will create related content for those channels. This will help us to increase the influence of content on your audiences, engage them better, and increase your ROI.

All of our content creation activities are based on your brand guidelines and we accurately consider your brand identity, voice, and tune while creating content besides with your business and marketing strategies.
We work closely with your team in order to develop an authentic message for your brand and use it for your positioning strategy. For this purpose, we create relatable content according to this message and promote it in all different touch points that your brand has with your audiences.

Our aim is to employ all the promotional channels you are using in order to create an integrated brand image in your audience’s minds.
Finally, we track and analyze all of your content marketing activities in order to optimize them.


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