decision making in a business
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Decision Making in a business

The success of any business is related to several elements, among them decision making is critical. Managing and running a successful business requires making several decisions on a daily basis. On average, each manager makes about three billion decisions each year. Financial performance of the company will determine the effectiveness of these decisions. Traditionally, decision…

What is dark social?
What is Dark Social? What are its implications in digital marketing? 560 315 MarketGraphy

What is Dark Social? What are its implications in digital marketing?

One of the latest trends in the field of marketing is the application of dark social. Dark Social applies to all the social media interactions that the public, search engines, and marketers can’t see, compromising communications on private social media messaging, email, WhatsApp and SMS. In other words, it is the social traffic that is…

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What is marketing?

In this article, we are using Philip Kotler’s definition of what marketing is and some related concepts that he has talked about related to the marketing and its difference with sales. Marketing is the science and art of recognizing, creating, and offering value in order to meet the needs of specific groups of customers and…


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